Sunday, October 19, 2008

Victim #64: Judge Wants Victim to Work Overtime to Pay Alimony

And just how many ex spouses can we be ordered to support?

I would still like to see a list of how much money everyone pays to support an ex spouse. What is an, "ex spouse," really worth? Might there be some injustice in the differing dollar amounts we pay?

Was it illegal for the female judge to order me to liquidate my 401(k) retirement account to pay for my ex's attorney bills? When her attorney found I didn't have enough money to cover his bill, he was kind enough to let me make additional payments over two years, interest free! What a guy!

Maybe the female judge figured that since I was a Registered Nurse, I might enjoy helping strangers going through a period of illness in their lives, so I wouldn't mind working an extra 13 hour weekend shift every week for the rest of my life, to support an abusive, and at times, mentally ill ex, that set a fire in the house, and frequently threatened to kill me, for stupid things like making eye contact with someone, or walking into a neighbors home.

The judge, most likely thought I enjoyed it when my ex accused me of having affairs with her friends, her daughter's friends, my sister, my Mother, and, what brought me to the breaking point, our two Long coat Chihuahua's.

God help me. I pay $1395.00 a month. I know Doctors and Attorneys that pay less, or nothing at all! How much do Judges pay in alimony cases to their exs?