Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Victim #63: Government Enforced Slavery

Who would have thought that people react negatively to being made into slaves - which is what this is. Forcing another human being to work for the sole benefit of someone else punishable by violence. Slavery on a large industrial scale as we have it today with alimony and child support absolutely requires government to enforce it. Only the government is large enough, impersonal enough, and brutal enough to keep the beast fed.

I don't remember where I read this but it was an article about the manner in which Africans were transported to the American colonies. They were kept below decks, which of course in the sun and heat caused multiple cases of heat stroke and increased casualties, thereby increasing the cost (for those of African decent please forgive the brutality of bringing up money and not humanity as the controlling factor - it is sadly the truth then as it is today). So why didn't the slavers let their cargo on deck? It wasn't that they were worried about mutiny - they crew had the muskets and swords. It was because many of the people they were transporting would rather throw themselves overboard then become slaves.

Today we have a simple solution for this, we simply ignore the fact that men are killing themselves in record numbers and just bring it up as another reason men are bad as compared to the moral superiority of the female. Heck i've seen comments in forums where feminist A complains that her ex killed himself and feminists B - Z are furious at the guy because he had an ex he was to support and this slight was proof that he was going to hell. He should have worked harder and made sure he had a life insurance policy or three that paid out even in the event of suicide.

This is what we are dealing with and the only solution to such cruelty is just to walk away. The government makes money based on our misery, many men are too busy working to think it could happen to them, and when you get down to it 90% of women (even those married to men having to pay this) support it because when the chips are down they too would take the money if offered. Salvation from such, when a bulk majority is for such a pogrom, can only come about with the elimination of those enslaved or complete collapse of the system.

I believe the current economic depression may provide for the latter. As men lose their jobs and the jails fill up with arrears slaves, the costs to the government will be enormous. Heck one or two slaves may decide as Sengbe Pieh (aka Joseph Cinque) did that they won't go quietly. Of course in the case of the Amistad they were eventually freed through law and we all know that would never happen here and now with such a despicable act especially one that is so against "THE CHILDREN!!!" (i.e. our ex's who can't seem to find that equality means they should actually support themselves) 10 million dads going to jail is just too much even for our current budding police state.