Friday, October 3, 2008

Victim #59: Cohabitating Ex Uses Children as a Weapon

There are minor children involved and we have NO problem paying child support, my husband went to mediation first never a lawyer (his mistake) but he thought it was for the best not to have a long battle.

His ex definitely uses the children as a weapon to hurt my husband, but he knows that and does not try to let it get to him... As for co-habituating,we know her boyfriend has free access to the house and is there just about every night.

We stopped paying alimony and she took us to court, we had documentation including pictures when we went to court..the judge still found my husband in contempt and now we have an evedentury hearing on May 23...Since that first court hearing we have not seen his car at the house, but my husbands youngest who is almost 6 told us " mommy picks up Paul so, daddy doesn't no he is here and then we take him to his house in the Morning!!!!"

So we feel lost and defeated our lawyer is no help and we are broke...about to lose our house, our car so if you could help I would not know how to thank you...My husband is very smart and could totally represent himself with the right help!!! Thanks again!!!

BTW- His ex- was working full time during the divorce and has now dropped to part time, and she does not even work in the field where she has a degree...she could be making twice as much as my husband...but why work when your getting a free 2400.00 a month!!!!