Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Victim #60: Right to Choose Own Employment Denied to Former Husband

Something that blows me away is that if you divorce and have an alimony obligation, they can prevent you from changing careers if that meant less money was available to support the "entitled" party.

How did we lose this right to choose our own employment situation simply because we got divorced?

I am considering doing this, and had a chat with my attorney Friday about the ramifications of doing this - and was warned "don't".

This brings up another constitutional issue (I think - but maybe I am wrong)...when did her rights supersede my rights? I can understand if we were talking about a child, but we're talking about another adult. So if you are married or single or divorced without any alimony obligation, you are free to do whatever you want employment wise - but if you have an alimony obligation, you are essentially a slave.

My attorney said "well if you can get a doctor in to testify that you are sick and continuing to work in this line of work will eventually kill you"... I probably can get such testimony - but it burns me up that I would have to go to that trouble...whatever happened to I just don't like doing this anymore and would like to do something else?

Why is it the court's business what I choose to do? I'm stuck where I'm at. I have to continue to do a job I don't like because it benefits another adult who has an entitlement at my expense. If I quit and do something else, then I am voluntarily underemployed and they can still attribute my previous salary regardless of what I am making....that is the crux of my complaint though...how can this not be some violation of my rights to tell me what I can and cannot do to earn a living and that I have to make "x" amount of dollars or more....

And they wonder why violence happens....