Thursday, October 22, 2009

Want to Win the Florida Lottery?

All you have to do is quit your job, if you have one, then file for divorce!! Florida Alimony laws grant PERMANENT LIFETIME ALIMONY.

You can hook your former spouse into paying for your health insurance, keep you as beneficiary on his life insurance, and still get at least 50% of the acquired family assets. This doesn't even take into account any child support that will be addition to the alimony. Upon his retirement you can even get his social security. You can have your payments taken directly out of his paychecks so you never have to worry about the check coming late or not at all. Even if he gets remarried your payments come first so any more children will just have to get over it.

If you want the BONUS PLAY, move in with someone!! You never have to remarry, but get "friends with benefits".

Why send our girls to college? All they need to do is find some guy who makes lots of money and they are set for LIFE. No need to continue the fight for equal rights…these laws make equal rights IRRELEVANT.