Sunday, October 25, 2009

Victim #140: Some People are Never Satisfied

.... All of us has our own horror story, and I guess it's all relative. Personally, I turned over $425K in assets, plus half of my retirement to the Ex at the time of the divorce, and have paid her initially $3,500/mo. for the first 5-1/2 years, reduced to $3,200/mo. as per by our mediated settlement for the next five+ years. Her alimony was exactly twice what I later found out was the maximum of any of my working contemporaries.

Now that I just retired, she it petitioning the court to have the alimony "RAISED", at the same time as the failure of my former employers pension fund, and subsequent takeover by the federal government. I'll be lucky to get 25 cents on the dollar of what I expected my retirement pension to be. Yeah, she describes me as "Cheap".

.... Anyway...I think there's a Yiddish term for her actions, but it escapes my memory right now. Mine won't even work part-time even though she has a teaching degree and 2-1/2 years worth of nurses training.
.... I don't know how my upcoming Modification of Alimony hearing wll come out, but it doesn't look good.