Sunday, October 25, 2009

Victim #139: An ATM for His Attorney

I was divorced in 1/04 and filed for a mod of both support and permanent alimony in 3/05. Sadly, my friend and atty died and in 9/05 interviewed an atty who quoted a $3,000 rate for this modification.

I paid $3,000 and 14 months later the case was lost. I have now been billed for $7,900. The $3000 was never reflected in my bill although I submitted, in writing this "oversight" on 2 or 3 occasions. I also questioned my bill as I was billed each and every month from $60 to $800 (BTW the $800 bill was before Christmas when there was NO activity on the case moving forward). To add insult to injury, I lost the mod and currently in the appeal process. (more money)

I feel that I have scammed and wonder what options and am trying to get a game plan to proceed. Besides the BBB, I was going to the Florida Bar. I called them a year ago, and they want the name of the atty and I think they are in the same club and don't trust them. Any ideas on how to approach this atty?

I don't believe I intend to pay based on based on poor performance and feel that I have just been the attys' ATM.