Monday, May 11, 2009

Victim #110: Women Should Grow Up and Support Themselves

My very wonderful husband really got taken to the cleaners in his divorce. He was married to his ex for 19 years when they seperated. He let her stay in the house while he lived in a hotel. He sent money every month even before the courts ordered him to.

Because his lawyer told him it would pay off in the end. He paid all the bills untill he couldn't pay anymore and finally had to file bankrupcy and forecloser on the house whil she refussed to get a job.

His lawyer never showed up for the pretrial, so the judge ordered him to pay $1,200 a month plus all the utilites. My husband had to get a new attorney and the judge made his final judgement while saying that my husband should have picked a better attoney and then he wouldn't be getting so screwed.

$1,200 a month, life insurance, college for thier 23 year old, and her attorney fees. All alimony for life or until she remarries. Not fair.

How can a state award a woman who choses not to work that much money a month, but will allow a father to get a way with $49 dollars a week to raise a child? That is what I get for my child. The state needs to do something about this. There needs to be fairness in the world. I don't want my child to grow up, get married, realize that maybe they made a mistake, and have to pay for the rest of his life.

Plus what really angers me is that I belive that women have come further than this in the world. We are self-sufficent human beings and we don't need an ex husbands money to make a success out of your life.

I wish I had more child support for my child, but I don't need it. I give him all that he needs, it just would help with the wants. But women that are grown and have childeren who are grown up, should grow up themselves and support themselves. This is how I feel.