Saturday, May 9, 2009

Victim #109: Good Men Forced To Leave The U.S.

This forum has brought me some sense that I'm not alone. That has given me comfort. I have grown greatly from the experience. It speaks of the pressures I face, and many others face, the liberties that can be taken away, and they are serious mental burdens, and they impact the most important things in life--friends, family and children, and freedom.

Children should have both parents always, and men should remain productive and not penalized because they have been amazing at their careers. So many men have left the US and are planning to leave the US . . . good men, who care about their families. Why do they have to go? It's the US family law system. That's what it is.

I guess because I'm a lawyer, many have asked me to take the soap box and speak for all those that suffer, from greedy women. I am getting closer to that. I know now I have a calling, for good decent men, and for children suffering from Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). The stories I've heard, oh my.

There is a class of American women that are so disgustingly greedy, lazy and yes, evil. The court system has embraced this. The people I've spoken to by the phone, especially over the past few weeks. It's a crazy scene that I know is ripe for a documentary, a book (I've written two), a TV news piece . . . it's a story that needs to be told.

The family law legal system in the US is archane, outdated and unjust, especially when one considers our founding fathers' basic principals about equality, freedom, and the pursuit to happiness. Good productive, loving, caring men should not have to leave the country to be able to support themselves and live and breathe.

I've spoken to so many men that have left the US, or are considering leaving. I'm a lawyer/writer/artist/musician, and I feel, like many have said, I am the guy that needs to stand up and fight this war, to enlighten all, across the globe, to show that change needs to happen within the legal system and within our contemporary society. I am ready.

I'm outside the country now, missing my family, but that's what I have had to do to escape the greedy, evil whore that pounds me every day (today including--she filed AGAIN today for more costs and legal fees--it's been over two years now) for money that doesn't exist, and the legal fees which are endless for her and for me . . . it's been over $100,000 to date. Insanity.

I'm a professional that used to make 6 figures. Now, outside the country, for the first time in two years, and after she told me she wanted a divorce (oh, on the day of my father's funeral!), for the first time, I'm not sleeping on an air mattress living with crazy roommates I do not know. I eat beans and rice daily, but I'm happy to be away from the evil ICE PRINCESS.