Sunday, December 7, 2008

Victim #81: No Hope For Justice In Tennessee

I don't have any illusions that I will even remotely find justice with the judge in my case. She is so bad that she has had almost 50% of her judgments overturned and has been censured for incompetence. I am planning on living in this indentured servitude prison for the rest of my life and have been looking at plans B and C. No-one but people in this group seem to understand and when I speak of any of this to someone in the general population they just don't believe it. I think that's how the legal eagles get away with it.

I have already had to pay everything since the divorce with the exception of HER legal fees from her expensive legal bastard (even though she tried like hell to have me pay). The sad thing is since I have to continue to pay alimony to her, I am unable to help my kids who are in college like I want to.....or my ailing parents...every time I think of it my blood pressure goes up. Right now I'm unemployed, but guess what? Yup, I still have to pay the bitch regular alimony and meanwhile, my kids don't understand and my father continues to need an expensive nursing home.

No revolution can occur without enough people knowing about it. I have been thinking about ways to start getting the truth out here in Tennessee. The problem is that nobody gives a rat's ass about alimony unless THEY have to pay it.

Also if you will notice there is no such entity as a SINGLE DAD. Even when I had custody of my 12 year old daughter, I was a DIVORCED DAD. Even the YMCA had a special discount program for SINGLE MOM'S which was the definition of my ex-wife who had custody of our good behaving daughter. The one I had was the bad behaving daughter who she just kicked out one night (and tried to keep getting child support for both in addition to alimony).