Thursday, December 31, 2009

Victim #143: Abusive Adulterous Ex-wife Hassles Her Former Husband

Yes, this is true! what can we do about it? I'm the wife of a man whose first wife had sex with anyone who would have her and when he finally had evidence and confronted her, she decided to openly "date" other men.

When he told her to leave the house, she had the police waiting for him the next day when he returned to work - of course, she claimed that he physically abused her. The housekeeper told the police this wasn't true and they left. However, this witch has played victim ever since.

Since she is a social worker (but barely works part-time), she knows how to push every button with the courts and continues to wreak havoc in our lives. She brainwashed their child and has rallied everyone she can to believe that my husband is an abuser.

She is after money and control of the kid and having people feel sorry for her and she runs up outrageous legal fees and then cries to the court and they make my husband pay! Oh, and by the way, we know that a friend of hers who died of AIDS left her a large sum of money which she has apparently hidden.

She also has the house and we are renting! She gets child support and has been getting alimony for 7 years! Any attorney we go to wants $10,000 up front to even review the case. Meanwhile, we keep getting stuck for her attorney bills because we do have some cash and didn't hide it.

She even has an attorney for the 12 year old kid and we have to pay for that! The court appointed therapist tells my husband that she guilty of parental alienation and yet he won't tell the court about it because it will "interfere with therapy"! It seems that the court system is wired to keep making the guy pay no matter what!

What can we do?! I hope you will publish your articles everywhere you can. You really tell it like it is-succinctly and to the point.

With shared frustration.