Thursday, December 31, 2009

Victim #142: South America Bound

I am about to relocate to Latin America. My ex continues to sue and pursue, even when I have no assets left, no retirement left, and no income at the moment (it's been a year now).

I am a professional, and the original order pounded me for CS and alimony.  I lost my job and the money has been building like crazy.  It's been twenty months since she told me she wanted a divorce,  AT MY FATHER'S FUNERAL!  She has legally pounded me blind.

I have a motion to modify pending, based on a substantial change of circumstances.  Her lawyer continues to attack me seeking more and more legal fees etc.  I owe the bitch thousands and thousands, accoriding to the court.  I've been living like a vagabond with friends and family.

I received a consulting offer in Latin America.  I've accepted it.  I'm leaving soon, because I expect no justice whatsoever from the court system.  I have nothing left, and she got everything . . . not just my past, but she continues to attach and attack my future to such an extent, I'll be left living in a gutter. 

I'm thinking, when I leave for good, I might as well not pay CS or alimony.  F??k her.  What will the US try to do to me?