Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Victim #102: Desperate in Louisiana

I have been divorced for nearly 6 years. I have a son, and I pay child support and alimony. My ex- is disabled, blind from diabetic complications. She has also had a kidney/pancreas transplant. Her dad is a judge in the appeals court in LA.

I lost everything to Hurricane Katrina, yet continued to pay as much as I could (child and spousal support.) My ex- and her dad took me to court and won a judgement against an amount in arrears. Now, half my income is garnished. The DA and his chief of enforcement are “life-long” friends of my ex-father in law, so I have been screwed severely.

Threatening calls to me and my job, I only hear about court dates a couple of days in advance, and I am kept from my son for weeks at a time. It is not fair. I am hesitant to involve the police, because I do not want my son to go through that kind of trauma. He takes care of his mom, and she has most definitely “espousified” him.

I have another court date in days, and I have run out of money. My ex- and her dad sent my son to a more expensive, private school, even though I told them I could not afford it. I am so sad over not seeing my son, and so stressed over being threatened and treated unfairly, that I just don’t know what to do.

I pray you can help-