Monday, March 9, 2009

Victim 101: Destitute in NJ

I am looking for anyone that guide me into a site or organization that can assist me in NJ where my divorce happened 10+ years ago.

The award to her was so unbalanced (Over $3000 per month including half of my disability, + alimony, and double child support and they are now 24 & 21 yrs old).

For 10 years I have not earned anywhere near what I did when the divorce happened and in the last 8 months have not earned a dime. My last $1791 was just attached by NJ and I am now destitue and about to be on the street.

I have no ability to get unemployment (I was 1099), and I have been paying off the IRS for her failure to delcare taxes and I got stuck with the penalties, so I cannot get anything such as welfare, etc.

I am destitute and after a lifetime of community service, I am truly about to become a street person. If I can find an organiztion that can get me in front of a judge in NJ under an emergent nature (they are telling me that it will be at least until the end of April or early May) I could make my own motion to the judge.

I need help desperately and I need it soon. Can you direct me somewhere for leagl help so that I can get in front of a judge asap?