Saturday, August 9, 2008

Victim #46: Second Wife Scared of The Future - Living in a Nightmare

Trust me- it's no better in Illinois. My husband is paying his ex $3750/45k plus $3k annually for kid's health insurance plus $2k annually for additional activities, plus $150.00 a week, per child (2) for out of network psychologists, plus his income has been reduced to $65K BEFORE taxes- plus ungodly attorney's fees that keep coming. Bear in mind there is NOTHING wrong emotionally with these teenagers accept a deranged, jealous, bitter Mother.

She wanted the divorce and my husband got stuck for 2 years of dragging on the nightmare. Illinois does not promote permanent alimony- they were married for 18 years and then separated, celebrating their 20 anniversary across a mediation table. She is 46, has a college degree and was a bank VP when they married.

Her wealthy father supplements her income of $65k plus- in addition, pays all of her attorney's fees and then she sues my husband for more "crap". As the "agreement" reads- it looks like permanent unallocated maintenance of $3750/$45,000 until she is dead. She inherited over $100K last year according to an ally of my husband's. She also has a new job making more money but I don't know how to prove any of this.

The judge told my husband (we were just dating at the time) he should settle w/this or it would be worse at trial. He can't afford college for his daughter next year. The evil witch will likely pay the tuition (her Dad will) and she'll sue my husband even though she won't sit down and talk to him about this.

It's frightening that a judge would allow a man to have to pay this for life and then some... His daughter is now 18 and his son is 15, going on 16. With no money for college for these kids, I don't know what the court will say here. It's really scary. Trust me, $1,000.00 monthly for life would be a lot better.

I can never stop working and I am likely not going to be ale to quit work so I can raise a child we want to adopt. He has to pay an evil witch 45K to spend on herself- trust me, she shops for sale clothes at Kohl's and spends thousands on a new sport SUV for herself and redecorating the house. He has NOTHING but debt and it continues to grow and I am scared to death about what kind of future we have.

He was making $110K and now making $65K as he has to give her $45K. She claimed in court (her jackass attorney) that as a college graduate and ex- bank vice president, she was only able to make $20K with her personal business. What a crock.

My husband also pays over $3k for health insurance, a fortune of debt for psychologists she forces them to continue to see, $3k plus interest left for his son's braces, $2k annually for extra children's activities b/c the $45k is not enough for this greedy miserable piece of white trash. He has emptied any savings from 401K to pay for ongoing attorney's fees.

The decree is a nightmare. The attorney says he will have to go back and fight but with what? She gets a ton of money from her Dad, has a new job and we don't know how to verify this... It's just awful.

She also got the house which is valued at $750K right now. They are suppose to discuss a special ed college program for their daughter and agree between themselves how to pay for this. She will ignore this, have her Dad pay the $30K for the year and sue my husband for all of it. She will then increase her income even more because she won't disclose her new employment I don't know what to do.

She should be held in contempt for failure to disclose a better job and more income (modifying the $45K she gets)and not complying with the parenting agreement to disclose new employment and to agree to sit down and discuss this child's future.

His CS obligation would have been about $17k for 2 children in Illinois or $13K for one. His daughter is 18 now and though she is mentally handicapped, she is very high functioning and able to learn to live independently of her codependent mother. If this child can go to a college support program, he should be relieved of the CS for her so he could apply that toward school. I

t's a nightmare. He cannot continue at this pace. Can they force him to take out a loan when he will have no extra $$ to pay the loan back? Someone wake me from the nightmare.